Friday, January 18, 2008

Trip Day 22 - Home

Early start at 5:45 and off to the airport.

The free shuttle to the airport express picked up from our hotel so we got on that, rather than struggle with our bags to the MTR. Cathay has baggage check-in at Kowloon Station which makes things easy, especially as we had arrived with 2 pieces of check-in luggage but were leaving with 4, plus our carry on bags.

With plenty to of time to spare we ate a leisurely breakfast and boarded the plane. As this flight is during the day, it was far less stressful than the overnight flight at the start of the trip. The kids behaved well, and we got back into Melbourne around 9:30 pm.

By the time we got through immigration, baggagge collection, customs and quarantine is was nearly eleven. John went to pick up the car from the long-term carpark while I waited with the kids in the airport. It only cost us $99 for the three weeks which was surprising. This was no more costly than a taxi, and we probably would not have fitted all our luggage in for the return journey.

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