Friday, January 18, 2008

Trip Day 15 - Taipei to Hong Kong

Jan 9 - Wednesday

Breakfast, then taxi to the airport. Flew back to Hong Kong. Really getting sick of airports.

After checking in to the hotel the boys and I went looking for phone accessories in a street I had found out about on the net (John had business calls to make).

I did not manage to find an audio plug converter for the BB, or covers I liked for the BB or iPod. The only thing I got was screen protectors and a noisy toy for the boys.

I took the boys back to the hotel as they were getting tired and ratty.

In Hualien, the waste buckle on my backpack somehow got lost. I needed to look for a new buckle. The hotel concierge suggested the nearby night market, so I left the boys in the hotel room while I went to look. I could not find any, but did pick up a luggage strap which could be threaded through the straps and help take some of the weight.

Back to the hotel for a poor nights sleep sharing a bed with Tom and Jack, who are both restless sleepers.

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