Friday, January 18, 2008

Trip Day 11 - Hong Kong to Taiwan

Jan 5 - Saturday

We got up early and took the train to the airport. We few to Taiwan and caught the bus into Taipei, arriving at around midday.

The earliest train we could get to Hualien was 6:30 so we left the bags and headed off to the Nova Center, which is a 10 floor computer, electronics and camera market.

John found and purchased an EEE pc, and I got a cover for the iPod. Jack got to spend nearly 1/2 an hour playing Halo on an xbox.

An English-speaking assistant helped me connect to the centre's free wireless so we could write out the address of our hotel in Hualien, and told us we could purchase stored value cards at 7-11 stores.

We picked up a couple of wireless access cards, spent the remainder of our waiting time (about an hour) in Starbucks while the kids watched the iPod, then caught our train. John managed to get connected to wifi, but I didn't.

Arriving in Hualien we caught a taxi, checked into our hotel, had a very basic dinner of boodle soup with seafood and retired for the night.

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