Thursday, January 17, 2008

Trip Day 2 - The kids and I go to Disneyland while John arranges travel to China

Dec 27

Our plan is to go to Chongqing and take the Three Gorges trip down the Yangze. Yesterday John discovered it is much cheaper to take the bus across the border to Shenzhen then fly to Chongqing, but this will take longer and he'll have to organise part of it today (yesterday, unbelievably, was still Boxing Day and a public holiday in HK). So we put off departure for 24 hours.

Tom woke around 7am but Jack and John showed no signs of stirring. Tom and I went for a walk. Last night's markets are gone and the streets dingy and dirty. We do find a reasonable looking congee place not far from the hotel so we head back to collect or sleeping beauties. The café does have a menu in English but most of the congee dishes seem to involve pig offal in one form or another. Beef congee and prawn dumplings prove a happy choice and we set off for the day.

While John organises travel and catches up on sleep I take the boys to Hong Kong Disneyland. It is not as good as Dreamland on the Gold Coast, with far fewer rides. There is nearly as much merchandising as there was in Disneyworld, Florida, bu the park is only 1/4 of the size. The kids have fun but we skip a couple of rides as they have wait times of 50 and 75 minutes. We catch the 5:30 parade then head back.

The Hong Kong MTR is fantastic. Trains are clean and frequent, changing lines at interchange stations is always the adjoining platform, the cost is low and the swipe cards work without problems.

A last meal at McDonalds (yes this city overflows with cheap fresh food, but this will be the kids last chance at western food for some time) and we return to the hotel.

As neither John or I manangrd to organise international roaming on our phones before leaving (Doh!) we have been out of touch all day. John has left a note saying he is in the hotel bar. I settle the kids and head down to join him for 10 minutes and a quick beer, then back up to the room. Day 2 ends.

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