Friday, January 18, 2008

Trip Day 12 - Toroko Gorge

Jan 6 - Sunday

We slept late and only just made breakfast. I must admit I am getting tired of hotel buffet breakfasts, I think I'd rather just eat from roadside vendors, but time was short.

We we arranged for a bus tour for the day. Unfortunately the cross-island highway is closed, so we had to do an up and back trip.

The scenery was as spectacular as I remember, although some sections have been replaced by newer tunnels, including the most spectacular, narrow part of the gorge. This is now a 2km walking stretch, where the busses drop tourists at one end and pick them up at the other.

We had the obligatory stop at a local jade and stone shop, then a stop at the 'beach' for half an hour. This was a stony beach facing the Pacific Ocean. The stones were marble and the surf relaxing, so it was a worthwhile break.

Jack has picked up quite a rock collection which will need to be culled before our next flight. Tom had great fun tossing stones into the waves.

The bus returned us to the station and we returned to Taipei by train. We took a taxi to the hotel and checked in - two rooms this time but unfortunately on different floors.

The hotel has fee wireless and broadband which is great, as the iPod let's me get onto my email, and John van connect up his EEE.

We went to a night market and ate a selection of BBQ meats. It was nearly 10 before we returned to the hotel and got off to bed.

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