Friday, January 18, 2008

Trip Day 16 - Hong Kong to Macau

Jan 10 - Thursday

A lazy morning in the hotel. Being constantly on the move is starting to get to all of us. John and I also discovered we have left our winter coats behind somewhere - last positive sighting was Shanghai. John's was a cheap one, but mine was a good gortex one from a Katmandu sale.

We took the MTR to the ferry and across to Macau via fast hydrofoil. Unfortunately there is no outside access or viewing area, so you have to sit in your seat like on an airplane, and I spent the whole trip staring fixedly at the tv screen in front to avoid sea sickness.

We took a taxi to our hotel. Macau is subtly different from Hong Kong, but I'm not sure why.

More bedding saga. When we arrived at the hotel we were told there were no extra beds to put in the room. When we checked the room there was 2 single beds only. And they were hard as concrete. However there was 2 spare doonas and pillows so we made a bed on the floor for Jack. This was actually softer than the bed I shared with Tom.

Chinese beds can be really, really hard. I'm really looking forward to getting home to my own bed.

John went out to arrange the next days travel. When he returned we went out for a walk around to look at the city. Jack is getting a little picky about eating from night markets, and we didn't see any restaurants we liked the look of in the area and John had already walked a couple of kilometers, so we returned to the hotel to eat there. This was not a good move as it was expensive, most dishes had chilli, and was not very good.

After dinner, I got cross at both the kids, who were arguing and fighting, at John for making no attempt to settle them, and went out for a walk on my own. Without complaining kids and tired husband I found a number of interesting looking eateries quite quickly. I found several nice bakeries and bought cakes for desert.

On arriving back at the hotel, everyone had calmed down, we ate the cakes and went to bed.

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