Friday, January 18, 2008

Trip Day 19 - Guilin to Guanzhou

Jan 13 - Sunday

We had a couple of hours to spare this morning so went looking around the hotel. Unfortunately it seemed to be mainly a residential area, and the wind is very cold. The kids get bored quickly so I take them back to the hotel through the lake park again.

As we walk along, Jack insists on walking and jumping along the rocks right at the edge. As he has complained several times about how he is not allowed to do anything, I warn him once then let it go. Inevitably he falls in. Fortunately it was right outside the hotel.

This means more washing in the basin, and we have to pack wet clothes. I aim the hair dryer at his boots, as he doesn't have any spare footwear. They are damp but not soaking by the time we leave. He has a choice between very thick long pants or shorts to change into and he throws a tantrum insisting he can't wear either. He chooses the thick pants but has only a light jacket to change into, so is a bit uncomfortable on the way to the airport.

It was 18 deg when we arrived in Guongzhou, so he was OK there. Again we have only one room, but it has a king-size bed and they said they could bring up a folding bed.

Before heading out to find the computer market, I suggest jack change into his shorts. However when we get out on the street, he says it is too cold. We give him the room jay so he can go back to change. When he gets back down, he tells us he dropped the key in the corridor and it slipped under the door of the room opposite.

John decides we don't have time to deal with it, so we head off.

We find the nearest metro station and get to the computer market only to find it is about to close. John does a quick dash around and funds some of the software he is after, but games are only in Chinese.

We head off to the major shopping street and find pants for Jack, bags and a PC game from a bookshop.

Dinner is noodles and dumplings then we head back to the hotel. When we get back, language problems prevent us explaining what happened to the room key. Housekeeping let us in - they seem to think we left the key in our own room. Cardboard takes care of the power a lot where you are supposed to put the key, but no spare bed has arrived.

As Jack lost the key he gets to sleep on the floor with the spare bedding again. This time it is not as thick and comfortable, but probably still no harder than the beds

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