Monday, November 30, 2009

How do you change the name of a script library in DDE 8.5.1? [Updated]

The only way I can find to do it is 'in view edit' - that is clicking on the script library name in the list of script libraries so that I can change the name without opening the library.

I can't bring up the old-style properties box for a script library any more and the library name is not editable in the eclipse-style properties.

There is no refactor/rename option on right-click in the 'applications' view as there is in package explorer view in eclipse. Am I missing something or is this the only way?

I got an answer in IQJam

You can right-click on the element in the applications view - I swear I looked there and didn't see it before.


Roy Rumaner said...

If there is another way, I have yet to find it either.

belgort said...


Care to post this on IQJam at


Ulrich Krause said...

Click on the script library name in the list of script libraries.
Press F2 ...

Or Right-Click the library ( or any other design element ) in the navigation and use the rename option in the context menue.

René Winkelmeyer said...


there is a "rename" menu item in the context-menu of the application menu.

You can although use "F2" - on every selected design element.

Renaming a scribt library (and even agents) doesn't work any more when they are open for editing.

-- René