Sunday, August 3, 2008

Reactivating this blog


Originally I started this blog just to put up a summary of our trip for family and friends.

I've decided to try and make it an on-going thing.

I am a Lotus Notes developer and admin, so some of the content may be technical, some will be personal, and some just random stuff.

Today was a very mixed day for me. I played in a tennis tournament, did very well (made the semi-finals). But it was also a hellish day as this morning someone vandalized my car in the street: brick-shaped dents in the bonnet, multiple cracks in the windscreen. All day on the phone trying to arrange repairs.

On the sort-of technical front, I joined GONAD.

When I received the email from Rob, with phrases like 'Greetings Sister', gmail chose the following adds:

So now Google thinks I'm a mason. Am I paranoid, or do we trust Google with way to much personal information about us and our web habits?

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