Monday, September 7, 2009

Question: Do you run a Notes client or Admin client on your server?

I have to admit I haven't been into the Notes forums for quite a while - I had a bit of free time at lunch today and after researching a strange issue I decided to answer a few questions - do my community service.

In both the 6/7 forum and the 8 forum there were postings about issues running clients on the server.

Do you do this? If so, why?

I haven't seen any need to install client software of any flavour on the server for years, since the "Full Access Administration" feature was added (when was this? version 6?).

The Domino Administrator help for version 7 says:
Do not install the Domino Administrator on the same system on which you installed the Domino server. Doing so compromises Domino's security and impairs server performance.
If you do install either Notes client or Domino admin client - what are your reasons? Is this just a hang-over from the Note 4 / 5 days when this was the only way to get around broken ACLs etc? Or are there things you find you can't do any other way?

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Rick VanGameren said...

I haven't been installing the clients on servers for a while. The only time I wished for it was when I foolishly placed a database replica on the server that I didn't have access to. I'm very thankful for the utility from webWise; "make manager". Very handy.